What is Sage Intacct Data Flow?

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Introduced in the Sage Intacct 2024 R1 release as a “Coming Soon” feature, the new Sage Intacct Data Flow tool connects data from external systems (i.e. CRM application) to and from Sage Intacct to eliminate siloed data.  Let’s take a closer look at what it does.

Seamlessly Connect With External Systems

With Sage Intacct Data Flow, you have a powerful tool that easily links separate data systems to your ERP an accounting software in a cost-efficient way. That means you can set up connections between Sage Intacct and HubSpot, SalesForce, Microsoft Excel, payroll applications, HR systems, budgeting software, and a wide range of other external applications your business may rely on regularly.

It also eliminates the need for messy and potentially inaccurate import and export routines or manually merging data in an external spreadsheet to get the seamless, complete view you need of your entire business operations.

Pre-Built or Custom Connections

Out of the gate, Sage Intacct Data Flow will launch with a pre-built connection for HubSpot CRM. Using the HubSpot CRM data flow provides a 360-degree view of your finance and sales teams to eliminate duplicate data entry, respond to customers more quickly, eliminate communications lag, and provide better overall customer service.

What’s more, additional pre-built data flows will be rolled out with subsequent Sage Intacct software releases. Perhaps best of all, it’s relatively simple to use and often does not require extensive technical knowledge. So if a pre-built connection to an application you use isn’t currently available, you can still leverage the power of Intacct Data Flow to create your own custom-tailored solution using API-based connectors.

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