How to Void an AP Payment in Acumatica ERP

Acumatica Accounts Payable

Sometimes a payment is made to the wrong vendor and you need to void that payment in Acumatica ERP accounts payable. Here’s how it works.

Void an AP Payment in Acumatica

Let’s say an Accounts Payable clerk made a mistake when entering a payment to a vendor. Just follow these steps to void the payment in Acumatica:

  1. Open the Checks and Payments window. This form (AP302000) allows you to create, view and edit AP documents such as payments, refunds, and voided payments, and more.
  2. Click Filter Settings and be sure to clear any filters you may have applied previously in this form.
  3. Use the search and filtering tools to find the payment you’d like to void.
  4. Click the link in the Reference Nbr. column to open the payment details.
  5. On the form toolbar at the top of the screen, click Void.  Acumatica then creates a new transaction of the Voided Payment type with an On Hold status.
  6. On the form toolbar, click Remove Hold, and then click Release to release the voided payment.
Acumatica Checks and Payments Form

Acumatica creates a new document of the Voided Payment type, which has a negative amount in the Payment Amount box to reverse the original transactions on all accounts involved (refer to highlighted fields in the image above). When this document is posted, all original entries to the general ledger are also reversed.

Also note that in order to void payments in Acumatica, certain system features need to be enabled as well as vendor and payment settings specified in order to achieve the expected workflow.

Be sure to check in with your Acumatica Partner if you have questions or need help voiding a check or payment.


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