How to Choose an Acumatica Reseller (10 Questions to Ask Your ERP Vendor)

Choosing a Reseller

You’ve done your research and decided that Acumatica Cloud ERP is the right solution for your business. What’s next? Because Acumatica sells its product exclusively through Value Added Resellers (or VARs), it’s critical that you also do research to find the right implementation partner for your business.

Here’s why: ERP software is only as good as the team behind it. Even companies on the best ERP platforms in the world struggle without the right support team backing them. A solid VAR will work alongside you to implement your ERP solution on time, within budget and with as little disruption to your business as possible. Then, your VAR will also support you post-go live to ensure you’re using your software to its full potential.

In this article, we look at:

  1. What an Acumatica reseller does
  2. Factors to consider before selecting an ERP implementation partner
  3. Questions to ask a VAR to ensure they’re the right fit

What is an Acumatica Reseller?

If you’re new to the world of ERP software, the idea of a VAR may be confusing. A VAR is a company that specializes in selling, implementing and providing ongoing support for ERP software solutions.

A VAR acts as an intermediary between the ERP software publisher (like Acumatica, for example) and customers (like you!) to offer a range of services to ensure successful adoption and utilization of the software by its clients.

VARs bring additional value to the ERP solution by offering customization, integration, training and ongoing support services tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer. ERP VARs possess in-depth knowledge and expertise in ERP systems and often have partnerships with multiple ERP vendors, allowing them to offer a variety of solutions to businesses across different industries. Their primary goal is to help companies optimize their operations, streamline processes and enhance overall efficiency through the effective utilization of ERP software.

Acumatica resellers are specialists in Acumatica ERP software and have a deep understanding of the software’s features and capabilities. These resellers are provided with in-depth training by Acumatica to provide the support and expertise needed to ensure customers succeed and continue to grow.

3 Things to Consider Before Selecting an ERP Partner

When choosing an ERP partner, there are several crucial factors that should be considered including the following:

1. Experience and Domain Knowledge

It’s critical to look for a partner who has a proven track record in successfully implementing ERP systems, preferably within your industry or with companies that compare in size and complexity.

VAR experience is crucial when selecting a partner because it demonstrates a proven track record of success. An organization with a strong background in value-added reselling understands the intricacies of the process, possesses in-depth knowledge of the products and services they offer, and has established relationships with vendors. This experience allows them to streamline operations, optimize performance and deliver value to customers.

On top of that, a VAR with extensive experience is more likely to have encountered a diverse range of challenges, which enables them to address potential issues effectively and efficiently.

Ultimately, partnering with an experienced VAR increases the likelihood of ERP success.

Many resellers have high-value content on their websites that will demonstrate their expertise and experience implementing ERP solutions. In-depth guides, case studies or on-demand webcasts will include information on software selection best practices and success stories. Use these resources to help you better understand what services different resellers offer.

Tip: When vetting ERP partners, don’t be afraid to ask for customer references. Speak with established customers as well as those undergoing implementations and find out if the project is or was on schedule and how the VAR deals with project scope changes.

2. Alignment with Your Business Goals and Objectives

Choosing an ERP partner that is aligned with your business goals is crucial for the successful implementation and utilization of your new ERP system. An aligned partner understands your industry, business objectives and unique requirements, enabling them to tailor the ERP solution accordingly. They possess the necessary expertise to guide your organization through the implementation process smoothly, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a seamless integration with your existing systems and processes.

By aligning their services with your business goals, the right VAR can effectively address your specific challenges, offer valuable insights and contribute towards driving growth, improving efficiencies and enhancing overall business performance. Look for a partner that can commit to providing ongoing support by adapting their services to meet your evolving business needs. Then you can ensure your maximizing the long-term value of your ERP investment.

3. Size and Capability of the Team

You’ve heard the saying “bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better,” and while the same is true of an ERP implementation team, its size can play a role in the success of your implementation project.

Look for a reseller with a team large enough to provide you with the resources needed to handle the complex and intricate tasks involved in the implementation process. Different team members can specialize in specific areas such as system integration, data migration or training, ensuring that every aspect is thoroughly addressed.

In terms of capability, an established VAR will have a team with skills and experience to navigate the challenges that come with implementing an ERP system, such as customization, change management and system configuration. They can quickly identify and resolve issues, adapt to unforeseen circumstances, and ensure the smooth transition from existing systems to your new solution. Look for a reseller with a reputable support team that’ll help optimize your system after implementation go-live and scale with you as your business grows.

Questions to Ask Your Acumatica Reseller

10 Questions to Ask an Acumatica Reseller

Once you’ve engaged a list of Acumatica ERP resellers, it’s time to ask questions that ensure you’re choosing the best partner for your business’s unique project.

Use the questions below to get a better understanding of exactly what services each reseller offers, how their support team is structured and if they have a proven implementation methodology in place.

These questions were created by NexTec’s team of consulting experts based on years of experience working with Acumatica customers:

Ask the Following Questions When Evaluating VARs:

  1. How does Acumatica integrate with our company’s existing business model?
  2. Do you have expertise in my industry?
  3. How big is your support team?
  4. Do you offer local, North American support?
  5. What is the average tenure of your implementation and support team?
  6. How many successful implementations have you completed in the last 24 months?
  7. Do you have a defined implementation methodology?
  8. How do you handle software customization requests?
  9. How do you ensure effective communication and collaboration with customers?
  10. Can I speak with some of your customers about their implementation experience?

Answers to these questions will help in selecting the right ERP partner who can ensure a smooth implementation and future software success.


Choosing the right ERP reseller for your business is a critical decision that requires careful consideration. By following the factors mentioned above and asking the right questions, you can be sure that you’re partnering with a reseller who understands your business needs and provides you with the support you need to grow your operations. Remember, a successful ERP implementation is not just about the features and capabilities of software itself, but also about the expertise and support offered by the reseller.

Take your time in evaluating different options, reach out to their customers for testimonials and ask detailed questions to make an informed decision. Investing in the right ERP reseller will not only help you streamline your business processes but also set your organization up for long-term success.

Guest Article by NexTec Group

This guest article was created with help from NexTec’s team of ERP consulting experts. For close to 30 years, NexTec has been specializing in the selection, implementation and optimization of ERP and BI solutions for industries such as manufacturing, professional services, distribution, construction and more.

Over 600 customers have chosen NexTec to streamline operations, improve efficiency and manage growth. Their nationwide Acumatica team has grown into one of the largest in North America and has been implementing cloud-based solutions since 2015.

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