Acumatica Mobile App: New Features in 2020 R1 Release

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We previously highlighted some of the top new features introduced with the release of Acumatica 2020 R1 in late March.  In this article, we’ll take a deeper dive into some of the cool new features introduced in the Acumatica Mobile App as well.

Upload Images with Your Mobile Device

You can now capture and upload images to the Acuamtica ERP database using your mobile device. To initiate the mobile capture process, you navigate to the Files dialogue box in Acumatica ERP. Next, click the Upload Using Mobile App option toward the top Right of the screen.

Acumatica Mobile App Image Upload Screen

Once you click Upload Using Mobile App, a push notification is sent to your registered mobile device. Simply tap the notification to have the Acumatica Mobile App launch the Attachments screen on your device where you can then snap a photo and the click Add File.  That photo is then uploaded to the system immediately where you can view the files in the Files dialogue box in Acumatica ERP or the Attachments screen in the Acumatica Mobile App.

Also beginning with Acumatica ERP 2020 R1, you can delete attached files in the mobile app as well.

NOTE: In order to capture and upload images, your mobile device must be registered in Acumatica ERP and have push notifications enabled. Contact your Acumatica Partner if you need help with this process.

Scan Expense Receipts

Also new in Acumatica 2020 R1 is the ability to take photos of receipts from your mobile device to create records in the Expense Receipts screen. But it’s more than just a static picture of the receipt … the system will actually analyze the image to identify values (like description, amount, and date) and then map them to various fields within the Expense Receipts screen.

Here’s how to scan an expense receipt:

1. Sign into the Acumatica Mobile App

2. Open the Expense Receipts screen

3. Tap the Plus icon (+) at the bottom Right of the screen and then choose the Take Photo option. Now take a photo of your receipt in the next screen that opens.

4. Next, a photo editor launches that allows you to do things like crop the image, change orientation, etc. Once you’re satisfied with the image quality, the Check Mark in the bottom Right corner.

Now, just be patient while Acumatica ERP analyzes the photo and scans for values. If you prefer to enter values manually or just want to skip this process for any other reason, simply click Skip Recognition.

Once the mapping process is complete (assuming you didn’t skip), the values that were recognized will be displayed and highlighted on the screen. You can then either correct these values manually or click the check mark to accept as is.

See Also: Acumatica Advanced Expense Management

NOTE: Refer to the Acumatica 2020 R1 release notes for complete instructions or get in touch with your local Acumatica Partner for help.

Travel Time Mobile Tracking

In Service Management, you can now use the Acumatica Mobile App to initiate Start Travel and Complete Travel actions which have been added as menu options in the Appointments screen. Previously (and still currently) available in the web version of Acumatica ERP, having the ability to initiate these actions on your mobile device makes it even more convenient to accurately track travel time associated with a service call.

Did You Know? Acumatica Mobile App is available for iOS and Android and was named one of the Best Business Mobile Apps by PC Magazine.

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