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The Acumatica 2021 R2 release introduced a redesigned form toolbar that’s now even more streamlined, flexible and functional. A big focus of the change was to reorganize the commands available on a form so that they’re more easily accessible and personalized to your specific role. Let’s take a look at what’s new in the Acumatica Form Toolbar to help streamline tasks and simplify your day.

Redesigned Toolbar Overview

The newly redesigned Acumatica form toolbar lets you define your favorite menu commands and put them front and center for easy access. In addition on some forms, the system uses logic to anticipate the expected next likely command for the currently-selected record and places a prominent green button on the form toolbar for that action (see screenshot below).

The following screenshot, which shows the Cash Entry Transactions form, illustrates an example of the redesigned form toolbar and the new ‘More’ menu, which contains categories and menu commands.

acumatica transaction form toolbar

Here’s what’s highlighted in the Transactions form above based on the corresponding number:

1. Standard form toolbar buttons, all or some of which appear on most Acumatica screens

2. Highlighted button for the expected next command, which represents the next logical step to be performed on the record selected on the form

3. Another button for a commonly-performed command on that form

4. The More button that launches a new More Menu

5. A new More Menu that consolidates commands previously on the Actions menu that some felt was too lengthy, making it difficult to find the needed command quickly

6. Star icon, which is used to mark your favorite menu commands on the form

7. Lighter shading indicating an unavailable command (i.e. cannot be clicked based on the forms current status)

Customize Your Favorite Commands

Based on your specific role in the company and related job duties, you probably use some commands more often than others. On the redesigned form toolbar, you can now specify these commands as favorites. This instructs Acumatica to duplicate the commands as form toolbar buttons so they’re more prominent and easy to access.

Here’s how to add a command to the form toolbar as a button:

1. Open the More menu

2. Hover over the desired command

3. click the star icon when it appears

The yellow color of the star indicates that the command has been added to your favorites, and a button for the command appears on the form toolbar immediately. Below is a screenshot showing two commands that have been added as favorites (and thus buttons) on the Invoices and Memos form toolbar.

acumatica form toolbar favorite buttons

Predefined Logic and Highlighted Commands

As mentioned earlier, Acumatica will apply predefined logic on some forms and specific records. Based on this logic, the system may place a button on the form toolbar, highlight it using color, or do both.

If a command is the expected next command (that is, the command that is most likely to be clicked for a record with the current status), it is shown both on the form toolbar and on the More menu. The primary command on the form toolbar is highlighted in green, and on the More menu, it is marked with a green dot.

Let’s say, for example, you open a cash transaction on the Transactions form that has the ‘On Hold‘ status. Before you can process it, it needs to be removed from hold. Because ‘Remove Hold‘ is the next logical command, it will be displayed as a button on the form toolbar and highlighted in green.

On some of the forms (for example, Sync History in the screenshot below), commands that should be used with caution or that may be potentially dangerous (i.e. permanently change or delete a record) are marked with a yellow or red dot, respectively. They are not added to the toolbar automatically, but you can select them as favorites, which will display them on the form toolbar with the appropriate color.

The highlighted commands that are displayed as buttons (Items 1 and 2 in the screenshot below) on the form toolbar are also listed on the More menu with dots of the appropriate color next to the command title (Items 3 and 4 in the screenshot below).

acumatica sync history screen

Acumatica Form Toolbar Now More Responsive

The redesigned Acumatica form toolbar along with the new More menu have a more responsive layout, meaning that they dynamically adjust to different screen sizes. When there is enough space, buttons for highlighted and favorite commands are displayed on the form toolbar. When the screen size shrinks on smaller screens or a mobile device, the system dynamically removes commands from the form toolbar one by one but keeps them on the More menu. In addition, if there are multiple categories on the More menu, the categories and menu commands can be displayed in multiple columns on the More menu depending on the screen size and the number of categories. When the screen size decreases, Acumatica moves some categories and menu commands to the left to decrease the number of columns, and in the screens of the smallest size, all categories are displayed in one column.

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Take a look at this video demo put together by the folks at AUG Forums (Acumatica User Group) for an in-depth look at how to customize the Acumatica Form Toolbar:

Be sure to check with your Acumatica Partner if you need help with the new Form Toolbar or if you’ve customized your forms previously and want to understand the potential impact on your customization before upgrading.

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