Acumatica Construction: New Features Added in Version 2019

Acumatica Construction Features

There’s been a lot of buzz about Acumatica 2019 R2 released in September. While the core product got some really nice enhancements and new features across the board, we wanted to take a closer look specifically at new features that were added in Acumatica Construction Edition. So, let’s get started!

Acumatica Construction Enhancements

Acumatica Construction Edition 2019 R2 continues to expand project management functionality by introducing these popular new or enhanced features:

Daily Field Reports

The new Daily Reports are comprised of several key components including Time Collection, Subcontractor Updates, Job Site Visitors, Issue and Change Request Tracking, and Job Site Weather updates.  It’s all designed to ensure that everyone is working from the same information and that data is transferred seamlessly from the field to the office.

Acumatica Daily Field Reports

Line-level Accounts Receivable Retainage

This new feature allows you to track retainage at a detailed line-item level on AR Invoices as well as designate how much you want to release per project (project, task, cost code, and cost type).

Credit Card Expense Tracking

Now contractors can use corporate credit cards on the Expense Claim and Expense Receipt forms which facilitates more detailed expense tracking. For example, while in the field, the construction workers can buy something that they need for a project and pay for it with a corporate card.

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Lien Waiver Automation

New lien waiver capabilities assist contractors with the monitoring and generation of lien waivers to avoid accidentally paying a vendor without release of the lien.  This includes warnings and stop payment features and a more streamlined lien waiver generation workflow process.

Acumatica Construction Lien Waivers Screen

Updated and New Project Management Reports

Both newly-added or enhanced reports are now available to help you track your construction projects and business including reports for Construction Bonding, Project Budget Forecast, Transaction History, Project Cost Transaction History, and Customer and Vendor Transaction History.

Streamlined Workflow

The Outlook Add-in for Acumatica Construction works hand-in-hand with all these new features or enhancements. That means you can send an email about project management issues straight from Outlook and have it flow automatically to Acumatica for further analysis and tracking, which helps simplify and streamline your workflow even more!

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Two-Tier Change Order Management

A new Change Request feature allows you to submit the request and then once approved, it’s automatically converted to a Change Order.  This new Two-Tier Change Management process saves time from having to create the Change Order from scratch. Now the cost, revenue and commitment tabs are automatically populated, and the Change Order goes through the approval process.  Once the Change Order is approved, the project is instantaneously updated in Acumatica Construction Edition.

Enhancements to Project Issues

In Acumatica Construction Edition 2019 R2, Project Issues functionality has been enhanced as including:

  • Project issue types have been added for more meaningful classification.
  • New settings have been added allowing you to define the impact that a project issue has in terms of schedule and cost.
  • A new Project Issue print form allows you to print a project issue or send it as an attachment by email.

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