Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform: A Look Under the Hood

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Buying cloud ERP, like buying a car, requires you to pay attention to all the details. For both purchases, you want to make sure you’ve chosen the solution that gives you the power, reliability, and cost-effectiveness that will get you where you want to be in the future. In other words, you need to take time to look “under the hood.”

In a car, this is straightforward. You pop the hood, check the fluids, hoses, and belts, and listen for weird noises.

In order to do the same with Acumatica ERP, you’ll need to take a closer look at the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform – the powerful engine that drives this leading cloud ERP software.

What Is the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform?

Simply put, the Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform powers everything your cloud ERP can do for you. Think of the xRP Platform as the engine of your Acumatica software.

Acumatica Cloud xRP is the most stable, secure foundation to support all your business needs, delivering unmatched freedom so you can run your company exactly how you want to with truly 100% customization flexibility.

Cloud xRP is one of the main differentiators of Acumatica ERP. In fact, the Acumatica team has often said that they are actually a technology and platform company, applying that technology to ERP. That’s probably why Acumatica expends a vast amount of their resources on building the perfect platform.

However, all this is kind of high level stuff. Let’s get into some details.

Unique Capabilities of Acumatica Cloud xRP

When you’re looking under the hood at the platform of Acumatica Cloud ERP, what really matters is how reliable and long-lasting the platform will be for your needs. But, as you’ve noticed over the past few years, determining your organization’s long-term needs can be nearly impossible in today’s rapidly shifting business landscape.

As such, agility is the name of the game.

Because Acumatica Cloud xRP is an easy-to-use and agile platform with open standards for developers, companies using Acumatica can add on any sort of software customization they want, with 100% control and flexibility.

Instead of relying on closely-held, proprietary development code, Cloud xRP uses industry-standard .NET and HTML 5, meaning any experienced developer can create a custom-fit and tightly-integrated Acumatica add-on solution for your company. Many other ERP platforms require you to hire a costly programmer with application-specific knowledge of a proprietary code base, which can limit your agility – and get expensive quickly. And then when and if you need to update or change that code or integration, guess who you have to call and rely on? (you guessed it – that same expensive developer).

Use cases:

  • Third party developers have created a wide range of Acumatica-integrated add-on solutions, available in the Acumatica Marketplace.
  • Cloud xRP industry-standard code and open framework make it easier to create your own custom solution when you work with an Acumatica Partner who is also a developer.

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Using Cloud xRP for Something Other Than Acumatica

Hopefully you are starting to get the picture that Cloud xRP is a perfectly-built engine to run Acumatica ERP. But the platform is so flexible and powerful that, really, it could run just about anything. Some companies have pushed the envelope of creativity, testing just how far they can go to create their own solution on the Acumatica platform.

These companies have demonstrated that the sky is the limit when it comes to building your own solution on Cloud xRP.

Use cases:

  • One custom software development firm used Cloud xRP to build their own end-to-end eCommerce solution.
  • One housing firm created their own purpose-built software on xRP to help their customers manage properties, clients, and financials.
  • One supply chain solutions provider built their own stochastic ordering and receiving tool using Acumatica Cloud xRP.

Additionally, since Cloud xRP is a robust, stable, and secure platform, it can be considered the critical tool for keeping your Acumatica system running smoothly with seamless upgrades that take advantage of the latest technology. What’s more, Acumatica regularly updates their xRP Platform – which means you get all the benefits of the latest tech innovations in your Cloud ERP, without having to worry about the underlying tech itself.

Choosing a “Mechanic” for Your Acumatica ERP

Acumatica cloud xrp engine

As you can see, Acumatica Cloud xRP empowers your business to maintain full agility at all times – helping you leverage your own one-of-a-kind solution that makes your organization run better, smarter, and faster. You can think of it as your very own custom-built car that looks great, purrs when you hit the gas, and smokes the competition in a race.

To keep Acumatica running on all cylinders, you’ll need to work with the right “mechanic” … an experienced Acumatica partner with the knowledge and expertise to get “under the hood” and ensure that the software is adaptable and purpose-built around your business – no matter what obstacles or hazards you encounter on the road to the growth and success of your company!

Acumatica Platform FAQs

What is Acumatica Built On?

Acumatica is built on the Cloud xRP Platform which is developed using industry-standard .NET and HTML 5. The flexibility and control offered through Acumatica Cloud xRP is one of the main differentiators of the Acumatica ERP product.

Is Acumatica Cloud Based?

Yes. Acumatica ERP is built natively in the cloud unlike some ERP applications that were built decades ago on client-server technology and then “patched over” to work on a cloud platform.

Who Uses Acumatica?

Acumatica Cloud ERP is designed primarily for small and medium-sized companies. Acumatica features a range of functionality that’s a particularly good fit for manufacturers, distributors, service companies, construction, software and technology, retail, and eCommerce.

How Much Does Acumatica Cost?

The cost of Acumatica depends on a lot of factors include the modules you need, the number of users, the pricing option you choose, etc. But a very rough ballpark estimate is $30-50k for a SaaS subscription, $65k for a perpetual license purchase. Separately, implementation, training, and consulting with an Acumatica Authorized Partner could be anywhere from $60-90k. Click for a more in-depth discussion of how Acumatica Pricing works.

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