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In earlier versions of Acumatica ERP when receiving email with an attached invoice from a vendor, you had to manually enter AP bills into the system based on that invoice (which could be time-consuming and error-prone). But as of the Acumatica 2020 R2 release, a new AP Document Recognition feature can be configured to recognize those attached invoices and automatically create AP bills with a single click.

Here’s how Acumatica AP Document Recognition works.

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Activating AP Document Recognition

Starting with Acumatica 2020 R2, a new Document Recognition Service option has been added to the Third Party Integrations group of features on the Enable/Disable Features screen.

Enable Acumatica AP Document Recognition Feature

Activating this feature enables the system to connect to the external document recognition service by using the built-in connection key. It also enables new forms and options for incoming documents which we’ll cover next.

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New Forms for Incoming Documents

With the Acumatica AP Document Recognition feature now enabled, the following new forms will be added to your ERP system:

Incoming Documents (AP3011PL): This form contains a list of records created as a result of document recognition.

Acumatica incoming documents screen

Incoming Documents (AP301100): This form can be used for submitting a document for recognition, reviewing a recognized document, and converting a validated document to an AP document.

acumatica upload documents screen

How to Submit Incoming AP Documents for Recognition

Once the feature is enabled (described above), you can submit an invoice for recognition as a PDF file in any of the following ways:

1. Download a PDF attachment

Drag the downloaded PDF file into the Preview area of the Incoming Documents AP301100 form (screenshot above), and then click Recognize on the Acumatica form toolbar.  Initially, the uploaded document has the Pending Recognition status displayed in the Summary area of the form. If the document is successfully recognized, the system fills in the settings in the Summary area with the recognized values and changes the status of the document to Recognized.

2. Use the Add-in for Outlook

You can open the Acumatica add-in for Outlook for an email that contains a PDF attachment and click Create AP Document in the add-in. After the document has been recognized, the View Document button appears in the add-in for the processed email.

3. Use a System Email

A system email account can be created on the System Email Accounts form for the mailbox that receives emails with invoices, with incoming mail processing activated and the Submit to Incoming Documents check box selected on the Incoming Mail Processing tab.  In this setup, all incoming emails in the mailbox are to be processed and any PDF attachment that is found is automatically submitted for recognition.

Note: Acumatica recommends setting up a dedicated mailbox (or a dedicated root folder in a mailbox) for storing emails with invoices that need to be automatically processed and recognized.

Validating Recognized Documents

A document with ‘Recognized’ status should be validated on the Incoming Documents form. If any setting in the Summary area or any document line in the Details area has not been properly recognized by the document recognition service, you can map the recognized values with the settings in the Summary area, add document lines manually, and map values to the cells in the Details area.

Example: the system may not fill in the settings in the Summary and Details areas with the values for a successfully recognized document if the vendor does not exist in Acumatica or the document submitted for recognition has an unfamiliar structure.

If you move focus to a box that is filled in with a recognized value, the system displays a red frame around the mapped value in the Preview area.

When all necessary settings have been validated, click Save and Continue on the form toolbar to convert the recognized document into an Acumatica AP document. The Bills and Adjustments (AP301000) form then opens with the newly-created ap document (defaults to On Hold Status) containing settings filled with values from the recognized document. In addition, the original PDF file is added to the record as a file attachment.


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